Franchise opportunity

Entrepreneurship has become an alternative to life and income in the current generation, and it is also a good choice for first time entrepreneurs.  The dedicated brand Teddy Bear Bubble Tea will fully assist with the Company Registration, Shop Rental, Utilities, Shop Design and Decoration; in hiring Solicitors, Accountants and other personnel; in Recruitment & Staff Training, ordering equipment & ingredients.

About bubble tea

Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea is now highly popular with young people and adults across the UK. Teddy Bear Bubble Tea caters to a wide range of tastes, bringing together Asian and European flavours in one place. Our innovative selection attracts customers from many different levels. Our aim is to share the pure, simple joy of bubble tea. 

Teddy Bear Bubble Tea’s Founder

Yvonne Chan, Hongkonger has been engaged in the Hong Kong pet grooming industry for 30 years. She introduced Asian-fusion dog grooming to the United Kingdom through Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear expanded from the pet grooming industry to the more globally focused bubble tea industry, and became the first Teddy Bear Bubble tea in the UK to use the cute shapes of real dogs. Teddy shines brightly over the shop, instilling heartfelt joy in pet owners and bubble tea drinkers alike; together with the sweeping pink aesthetic, they create a sense of entering wonderland. Teddy Bear Bubble Tea has become a place of hope and positivity. With a cup of delicious Bubble Tea in hand, it imparts strength, joy and love all through the day, every day. This is our ethos, and the single most important reason to join us here as a Franchisee of Teddy Bear Bubble Tea.

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